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Rushdie puts forward a beautiful notion that universal beauty is delivered through creating something specific…


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old man / young man

old man and his pint, originally uploaded by gagilas.

An older man complained to me about reporting to a younger man. “How, after 30 years of working, should I report to some iPhone-loving kid half my age,” he asked me.

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Hovercraft, originally uploaded by Minette Layne.

I met a woman who compared herself to a hummingbird. I thought about the way the bird hovers in mid-air and its tiny, heroic wings. As I learned more about the bird, it saddens me how frantic it seems and how distrustfully it drinks the sugar water from the red feeder, as if each sip might be its last.

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One day there were flowers and toys tapped to the middle of the bridge by my house. No explanation, none needed really. Every time I pass I think about the child who must have passed away there, the child without a name.


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It wasn’t that you are unable to imagine the moon, larger than I have ever known it to be, red, full and rising outside my window; it is rather that I am unable to bring to you. I tried. I took a photo with my iPhone, the one you see here. I even went outside to be closer to the moon. No matter where I went, it appeared in my screen as a tiny red dot.

It is important for me to bring the moon to you. And I know you wanted to see it but you couldn’t see beyond the clouds that covered the sky, the clouds on which the lights of the city reflect.

When a moon like this appears, I think of all those I want to share it with, and I think of you.

I don’t think you’d sit there and stare at it for more than a minute or two. I think you would let it fill you with life, with a joy that comes only from nature. And watching that would awaken me, watching how close you travel to the moon and how no photo can ever capture the expression of it filling you with radiance.

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the quality of light

Beauty isn’t a posed photo, red roses, the blond haired blue eyed prom queen. It’s the color of light that day you walk out of a restaurant, the color of light that makes the entire street sing.

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